About AAM

Since 1965, we have served as a community for American families and friends living in and around Kuala Lumpur. 

Our Mission

At AAM we have two primary goals: to serve as a social support network for our members and to give back to our local community. We organize numerous social, educational and cultural events for families and adults that help us celebrate what makes us uniquely American and to learn more about Malaysia. AAM also organizes charitable events, drives, and volunteering activities. We believe that while it is important to enjoy our time here in Malaysia, we must also use this opportunity to give something back to the local community.  Our fundraising activities range from auctions to luncheons to the ever-popular annual Christmas Charity Bazaar.

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We really appreciate all those who come monthly to play bingo with our residents. This gives them joy and also breaks the routine in the house. With the help and support which you have given us, we are able to keep this flame of charity burning and continue to keep our door open to receive the poor and needy elderly
— Sister Fatima Emmanuel, Little Sisters of the Poor

What We Do

  • With over 50 member families, we help people find their way in Kuala Lumpur and get settled into living life in Southeast Asia.
  • In 2017 AAM gave over $270,000 RM to local charitable organizations including our special events - Pink October and the Christmas Charity Bazaar.
  • The Christmas Charity Bazaar annually sponsors nearly two dozen local charities and is a highlight of the local holiday season. 
  • Eight regularly occurring monthly social activities help you and your family meet new friends and stay connected to fellow Americans living in Kuala Lumpur.